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                安心地板博客 越梦想一起飞,让我们一L情面?

                  如果把一ò֪Ƕٱ个h丢到孤岛上面Qǵm个h一定很孤独Q很寂寞Q很隄存下ⷼ所以我们要对Ҳ׷ϑ围的人心存感恩, 他们都是上帝赐予我们的礼物,正是因ؓ有了他们Q我仡才ho_不会孤单Q寂寞!如果沢١有他们Q我们哪来开心和快乐Q!









                If you were on an isolated island, totally on  your own, you must feel lonely to death, so we need to apprieciate the people around us, without them, there will be few of happiness as well. No matter what they might have done to you, they are the gifts given by gods!

                When you help others for living, then there will be uncountable people help you back. In other words, if you lived only for yourself, nobody would get your back.

                That's the wisdom of how wide is your mind, how big is your stage where you can accomplish yourself!

                Sometimes, you are able to get 7 or even 8 out of 10, why Mr. Li only take 6? Because we won't even know this name if he took 8.

                As he only took 6 when there is a possibility of 8, more and more people chose to cooperate with him. At the beginning, lots of fellows might think how stupid was that, but as time went on, the people who initially had that thought had their mouth shut. Because they realized that giving more to others is the most sovereign? wisdom!

                Compare to this, so called skills which are used to defeat or vanquish competetors is like a joke.

                As wisdom is approaching reality, the simpler it is, the closer it gets.

                And please remember awareness and understanding won't change anything until we put it in practice. We have this word called 'ordinary', this word is actually created for the people who know and comprehend things but do not move in a practical way!


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